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KB Architecture Workshop was created in 2006. Based in Paris, this creative studio is built on the aspirations of Kiarash Becheur.

The agency whose approach is based on openness, takes a contextual approach in dealing with new issues in architecture that are rigorously designed but not excessive. Whatever the subject may be, this method requires a reflection that insolates the constraints in order to maximize the possibilities: functional, technical, economic, and aesthetic. This dynamic is driven by a desire to create unique living spaces through a staging of buildings, of spaces, that are always in relation to its users and that meets the needs of contemporary society.

Kiarash Becheur graduated from the School of Architecture, Paris – La Villette in 2002. He has collaborated with several noteworthy agencies in Paris (Ameller and Dubois, Arte Charpentier, DEGW, and AMA architecture) where he worked on urban and large scale architectural projects, where he was quickly sensitized to the issues of sustainable development and low energy consumption.
Since its inception, the agency KB Architecture has dedicated itself to projects on prestigious sites in Paris: the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Louvre, Galeries Lafayette Haussmann…and abroad: Tunis, Constantine, Ashgabat,…



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